Everycent is concerned with the protection of the data of all users of its Website. For this purpose, this document presents the Privacy Policy of the Everycent website, accessible via the Internet at www.Everycent.pt.
The current Privacy Policy applies to all actions taken by the user on the Website. It explains how and why Everycent collects information online about its users’ data, how it processes that information, who has access to it, and how each user can exercise their rights concerning their data.

1. Identity and contact details of the controller

1.1 The Website is owned by Everycent (company name: Luis Ramos Cardoso & Associados – Consultoria de Gestão, LDA), with registered office at Rua do Conde de Redondo, 82 – 2ºEsq., 1150-109 Lisboa, registered in the Conservatory of the Commercial Registry of Lisbon and holder of the Legal Person ID Card No. 506352765, as the controller within the meaning of the legislation on personal data.

1.2 All questions regarding the Privacy Policy should be sent to: geral@Everycent.pt. Everycent encourages website users to read all of the following and calls for the intended use of data.

2. General Information

2.1 Everycent wants all users to feel comfortable and secure when browsing its Website. By accessing or using Everycent’s Website, the user agrees to the legal terms described in this document. It is emphasized that this privacy statement only applies to the Everycent website; it will no longer apply when the user follows links to other websites or pages of third parties.

2.2. The Website is run in Portugal, but there are no restrictions on users from other countries. While browsing the Website, the user acknowledges the country of origin’s laws and agrees that these will apply while browsing.

2.3 The current Privacy Policy may be updated at any time concerning applicable law. The changes will be communicated on the Website and will enter into force ten working days after publication. The date of the last update will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

3. What is data?

3.1 They are any information, of any nature and regardless of its support, concerning a natural person, directly or indirectly, identified or identifiable (data subject).
Examples of personal data:
– First and last name;
– Address of a residence;
– Email address;
– Number of an identification card;
– Location data (e.g., the location data function on a cell phone);
– IP address (internet protocol);
– Cookies;
– Advertising identifier of your device;
– Sound or image.

4. Collection of user data its basis and legitimacy

4.1. Everycent may collect personal data, and the data collected is limited to what is strictly necessary and the purpose of its processing. The collection of data on the Website is done through different processes; depending on the process, the nature of this data may differ. However, Regardless of the process, each user will be identified by their email address.

4.2. The main processes used for data collection are:

4.2.1. submission of a contact form;
4.2.2. newsletter subscription process;
4.2.3. request for information on the Website
4.2.4. introduction of information in other existing contacts.

The user accepts the current Privacy Policy and agrees to the data processing procedure by submitting any form. The user voluntarily and knowingly submits all data.

4.3. The process of submitting a contact form, newsletter subscription, and information request is completed after the user provides the following data: first name, last name, and email address.

4.4. The process of Entering information into other existing contacts refers to the procedures adopted for applying for a job offer to an internship or spontaneous application. How Everycent methods the personal data of its candidates, in more detail, is described in the Data Privacy Statement for Candidates (recruitment).

4.5. By providing the data, the user gives consent to receive informative and commercial emails. If the user does not wish to receive these emails, the user must click on the “unsubscribe” option available in the email.

4.6. Everycent undertakes not to send informative or commercial emails to users who have declared their intention to unsubscribe. However, if, after subscribing, the user continues to receive emails, he can send a message to: geral@Everycent.pt to reinforce his request.

4.7. In addition to the data transmitted on the contact form, the data concerning you collected and processed by our Website also derive, depending on the services used, from your choices and the configuration of your device, in particular concerning cookies.

5. Use and Purpose of the Data

5.1. The data collected by Everycent will be used for:

(a) marketing

– Send invitations, promotions, marketing communications, advertisements, and information about products and services to users;
– Track user interaction with the Website and Everycent;
– Create campaigns and advertisements using partner tools;
– Analyze data for marketing activities, improve processes and enhance user experience.

The consent to the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes can be revoked at any time by its holder. For example, if any user of the Everycent Website wishes to unsubscribe from receiving any email sent by Everycent, send an email to: info@Everycent.pt, and Everycent will remove the user from all electronic correspondence.

Personal data collected for this purpose will be retained for two years of inactivity.

b) Recruitment and spontaneous application

– Collect data by sending CVs as applications to recruitment processes, internship programs, and/or spontaneous applications.

Candidates may apply for a recruitment process through an online application form, via the Everycent portal, or by sending information by email designated for this purpose.
The Personal Data collected during the personnel selection and recruitment process and through unsolicited applications and subsequent information will be used by Everycent solely for this purpose.

The Personal Data of candidates will be kept for two years.

6. Recipients of the Data

6.1 The personal information provided is intended for Everycent. The data will not be processed for any purpose other than those specified herein. The data collected in the forms on the Website are intended exclusively for the processing of user requests and will not be used for any other processing.

7. Data Security and Confidentiality

7.1 Everycent is committed to implementing all necessary precautions to preserve the confidentiality and security of personal data processed and prevent them from being distorted, damaged, destroyed, or unauthorized third parties have access to them, having developed technical and organizational security measures, especially concerning information systems. (SSL Certificate – Secure Sockets Layer, use of HTTPS protocol). However, there is no control over all the risks related to the use of the Internet and so we warn of possible risks associated with its use and operation.

7.2 Access to user data is restricted. Everycent undertakes to provide data only to entities with the legal right to request it and formal requirements.

7.3 Everycent uses partners, in particular, to ensure the indicated services of development and maintenance of applications and marketing and communication companies. In these cases, Everycent ensures that its partners comply with all legal, technical, and organizational measures appropriate to the data processing activity.

8. Rights, complaints and how to contact us

8.1. Following current legislation, you have the right to access and rectify your data, as well as the right to request their deletion, oppose their processing, and obtain their limitation or portability to the extent applicable. These requests should be made via email to: info@Everycent.pt.

8.2 You are also entitled to complain about the CNPD or other competent control authority under the law if you believe that the processing of your data by Everycent violates the legal regime in force at any time.

9. Storing IP Addresses

9.1 An IP address is a number assigned to a computer whenever each user accesses the Internet. The IP addresses from which visitors access the Internet may be logged for IT security and system diagnostic purposes. This information may also be used in aggregate form for checking website trends and analyzing performance in general.

9.2 This data is anonymous and analyzed purely for statistical reasons.

10. Website traffic information and cookies

10.1 A cookie is a data file generated by a website and stored by the user’s browser. Cookies help determine the usefulness, interest, and several uses of websites, allow users to navigate more quickly and efficiently, and eliminate the need to enter the same information repeatedly. The only personal information a cookie can contain is information provided by the user/data owner. A cookie can’t read data off your hard disk. Cookies are a computer tool that Everycent can only use if you give your express consent, and you may at any time disable all or part of the cookies in use.

There are two types of cookies:

– Session Cookie, automatically deleted when the user closes the navigation;
– Persistent Cookie remains stored in the user’s terminal device until it reaches a defined expiration date.

10.2 The cookies that are in use on the Everycent website are as follows:

Strictly necessary: These are set only in response to the user’s actions corresponding to a request for services or form filling.
– Performance: used to analyze how users use the Website and monitor its performance, for example, which pages are most visited.
– Functionality: stores user preferences for a specific website so that the Website does not need to be reconfigured each time you visit.
10.3 Even after accepting cookies, users can disable some or all cookies used by Everycent in the “options” menu or browser preferences.

Depending on the Browser, the various ways to disable cookies are as follows:

a) Internet Explorer or Edge
Click on the “Tools” menu and select “Internet Options.”
Select “Privacy”
Select the “Advanced” button
Choose whether to accept, block, or receive prompts about first and third-party cookies.

b) Firefox
Click on the “Tools” menu and select “Options
Select “Options”
Click on “Privacy”
In the “cookies” section, disable “Accept cookies from sites
Click ok

c) Chrome
Click on the “Customize and control Google Chrome” menu
Select “Tools”
Click “Clear browsing data.”
In the “clear the following items from” box
Choose the “since always” option
Select the first four options and click “Clear browsing data.”

You can find more information about managing cookies through your browser’s help file or some websites, such as www.allaboutcookies.org.

11. Cookiebot

12. Google Analytics

12.1 Everycent uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, to understand its use and services better. Google Analytics collects information such as how often users visit the websites and which pages they visit. Google uses the collected data to track and analyze the use of the websites and prepare reports about your activities. IP anonymity has been enabled on this site. Google’s ability to use and share information generated by Google Analytics about site visits is restricted by the Google Analytics terms of use and the Google Privacy policy.

13. Location Based Tools

13.1 Everycent may collect and use the geographic location of your computer or device. This location data is collected to provide you with information regarding services that we believe may interest you based on your geographic location and improve our location-based products and services.

14. Widgets and social media applications

14.1 Everycent web page may include features to facilitate sharing through external social media applications, such as the Facebook “Like” button. These applications may collect and use information regarding your use of Everycent’s web pages. Any personal information you provide through these applications may be collected and used by other members of these social networks, and such interactions are governed by the companies’ privacy policies providing the applications.

14.2. Everycent has no control over such companies or their use of your information and cannot be held responsible for such companies or their use of your data.

15. Information on the Website

15.1 Every effort is made to grant information on the Website, and customer support is as accurate as possible.

15.2 While Everycent endeavors to ensure that all descriptions, photos, graphic representations of products are accurate, we do not grant that all materials are error-free. Errors may result from the inaccuracy of information, omission, departures, or any other reason.

16. Intellectual Property

16.1. Everycent owns or respects the intellectual property in all graphics, text, photos, illustrations, and other materials available on the Website. Individuals, organizations, or other entities may not use these materials without the company’s prior consent.

16.2. Individuals and entities wishing to use any of the materials available on the site should send an email to geral@Everycent.pt.

16.3 Any use, reproduction, or alteration of images not authorized by Everycent is strictly prohibited.

16.4 The user accepts that Everycent may use all suggestions, designs, concepts, photos, testimonials, or documents (from now on “suggestions”) that have not been deemed confidential on its Website and media.

16.5 Confidential information refers to information that the user has given during emails and chats messages. It does not include publicly written comments or feedback on social media platforms or the Website.

16.6 The users responsible for the suggestions guarantee that the request does not violate third-party rights, copyrights, patents, or property rights.

Last updated: July 2021